Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Conversation with a dead beat dad

For six years, I didn't ask you for Child Support. I didn't want your money and you know why. It wasn't until I realized you were never going to get your shit together until someone with real authority actually makes you, that I made the decision to file. And, I don't think you realized how easy you had it, only having to pay $25 a week. But then, somehow, magically, it gets changed to $25 a month... which is complete and utter bullshit. Please tell me what $25 a month will buy our son? That wouldn't cover the food on his dinner plate for a week. $25 a month is a joke. It's laughable. It's so fucking disgusting that all I can think is why the fuck did I even bother?! Our son will grow up and realize that you are a useless piece of shit, without any prodding from me at all. It's not that hard to see, because EVERYONE ELSE DOES. I was not asking for a lot. But this... this is fucking low.
You might as well just give up your parental rights, remove your name from his birth certificate and leave us the fuck alone. Because if it were up to me, right now, that's exactly what I would do. 

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