Monday, February 16, 2015

Conversations My Brain Has With Itself

Maya Rudolf is playing Beyonce on the SNL 40 year anniversary special. 3 fucking hours of hilarity and confusion all mixed together. Because I am only 30, and I've only been watching for less than 20... sooooo, some great parts, some, wtf is happening parts.

I had a lot of apple pie moonshine and ginger ale tonight. It's so good. I needed it. I can't remember the last time I felt this good.

I'm gonna need a lot of water before I go to bed...

I went with my fiance on a run yesterday to Plattsburg and all over the upper part of NYS, and I finally started reading "The Body Electric" by Beth Revis (she wrote the Across the Universe trilogy... you should definitely read it!) and I've noticed how similar it is to a book I started writing a few years ago, that is still technically, unnamed,  but about a similar concept: scientifically being able to control ones dream, or sleep state to induce a better quality of life because reality sucks. At least that's the theme of my story, REM (?), and I've only started chapter 8 or 9 of The Body Electric, but so far, it seems like the plot is very similar.

I also need to finish Aubrey Nightingale. Chapter One is ALMOST finished with editing... but I haven't opened it because I've been on a Friends Binge ever since it came on Netflix January 1... I really need to finish it. So I can finally move onto editing Chapter 2.. and finish writing the damn thing. I love it and miss it and think it has so much potential to be such a great story... I hope I can do it justice... I always wonder if I'm good enough, and I know that's a chronic problem when dealing with a person who suffers from anxiety, but still. It never goes away. I want Aubrey to be amazing, because she is amazing. And Azra. The unedited partial first version that's available on amazon, is no where near how amazing this story is.  It doesn't do it justice... I need to fix it, and reupload it, so people can really see just how brilliant these characters are meant to be.

Going to write now. #onlyalittledrunk #kidsinDisneyOnVacation #ImFucking30

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