Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I am Norma Bates

Norma: Honey, go inside the house. Hide. Hide.
I-I just... I was mad. Okay, baby?
{Scene cuts to upstairs bedroom}
(SIGHS) Okay. Sam.
(Norma's hand falls onto the floor, unknowingly, Norman is hiding under their bed. He reaches out to her, and she squeezes his little 7 year old hand as she's being raped.)

Norman [as Norma] to Doctor Edwards: I don't want him to know these things. It will kill both of us. Please, Doctor, if you have a heart, don't make him remember these things.


Alex: What the hell? What the hell? What was that? What?

Norma: When I was, um, a teenager... It was a long time ago... um... I slept with my brother. I'm sorry. God, I'm sorry to have to tell you this. Oh, it's horrible. I'm sorry. He's Dylan's father.

Alex: The guy that I had dinner with?

Norma: Caleb, yeah.

Alex: Norma, you... you were young. It... it was a mistake.

Norma: Mistake? It was not a mistake. It was a way of life. It happened for years. I loved him. Our home life was torture, and we were all we had. I finally tried to stop it, and, um, he got really upset and he raped me. You know how horrible it is to be raped by someone you love? (SNIFFLES) And I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. But I don't hate him enough to hurt him. And it's a mess because I don't know if part of why I hate Caleb so much is because I hate myself. (SNIFFLES) All in a day's work. (DRAMATIC MUSIC) So now you know who you're married to. And I should have told you before, but I've never loved anyone enough to feel obligated to be honest with them. And... And I just... It... it sucks. It sucks because I can't hide. And I want to, but I can't.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Biggest Pet Peeves Post

Biggest pet peeve - Tardiness. If you tell me you'll be here at 1pm, I expect you to be here at that time, I'll accept a 10-15 minute window, I'd even be okay if you were early, but if you are going to be late, and it's due to circumstances out of your control, at least call or TEXT me, so I can prepare. Waiting for anything, appointments, people, anything, gives me serious anxiety! 2nd biggest Pet Peeve -- When I tell someone "OMG I LOVE *insert whatever food or drink here*!" And they've never had it, so they try it and they say, "Oh, that IS good! I LOVE this!" And continue to eat/drink it. Then a month, or 2 months, or however long later, they tell me, "You know when you made that *insert food here*, I'm so sorry, but I have to admit, I hated it! OMG I'm so sorry, but it was BAD." ..... PLEASE *DO NOT* EVER DO THIS TO ME, EVER. Because I REMEMBER THIS SHIT. So, if I know you're coming over for dinner, or whatever, I'll remember the time you said you LOVED it, so I'll make it again, thinking you LOVED it, and then I make it, and find out you hated it, and I feel like A GIANT FUCKING TURD, and an IDIOT. Seriously, you don't have to like everything I like or make, so don't freaking LIE to me about it, to "spare my feelings", because THAT makes me feel EVEN WORSE! THANKS. #AnxietyProblems