Thursday, January 19, 2017


Shit that bothers the fuck out of me: December 30, 2016 My kid comes home from his Dad's and was opening presents. My kid opens his TV. Step-Kid: "Uhh is that TV bigger than mine?" ("Mine" is actually MY TV that MY mom gave ME for Christmas in 2014, but when we moved, I was NICE enough to give it to BOTH KIDS, but in reality, it ended up being "Step-Kids" because the spoiled little shit head can't share.) Husband: "No, it's the same size." I open up the box, and Husband helps me slide the TV out. Husband and I look at each other. It's actually a little smaller... We thought the TV was a 24 inch so that's what we got for My Kid; turns out other TV is a 27 inch. Oh, well. Step-Kid: (laughs) "It's looks smaller than mine." *MY KID: "Doesn't matter. At least I have a TV now."* RIGHT THERE is the difference between spoiled and GRATITUDE.

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